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Signs a Sewer Backup is Coming

Signs a Sewer Backup is Coming

A sewer backup is one of the most unpleasant experiences a homeowner can face. The filth, expense, and potential hazards can make repair and cleanup a small nightmare. At the end of day, you can even end up with structural damage. It is an expensive mess.

The ideal approach to preventing a sewer backup is to avoid it in the first place. Fortunately, many sewer backups have warning signals before they actually happen. Contact a plumber before your sewer backs up if you have any of these advanced warnings:

Slowly Draining Fixtures

One fixture draining slowly usually means the problem is just with that fixture. That’s good news. A clog in the main sewer line leads to all of your fixtures draining slowly. These clogs are what lead to sewage backing up and that’s when you have major problems.

Clogged Drains Keep Coming Back

When you have a clogged drain and you unclog it and don’t have any more problems with it, that’s not a big deal. If your clogged drains keep clogging up and you know you haven’t put anything you shouldn’t have down the drains, that’s a good sign that your sewer is getting ready to be backed up.

Sewage Smells Throughout Your House

There is one really obvious indicator of a sewer backup and that’s the smell of the sewage itself. If you smell it all of the sudden, it’s very likely that it is already somewhere in your home. This is not a situation you want to happen. 

A Section of Your Lawn Suddenly Looks Great

You’re probably wondering how a sewer backup can help your lawn. It’s all about the food the plants eat. You may not like sewage, but your lawn sure does. A leak in the sewer line means lots of food for the plants to eat. You’ll notice areas of greener grass that are almost like a sponge when you touch them.

These broken sewer lines fill up with dirt and other things that shouldn’t be there. That eventually ends in a backup. If you notice parts of your lawn look really great, let us check things out!

Creepy Sounds in Your Pipes

Does your faucet or toilet make noises that make you think you might be living in a horror movie? Do you hear bubbling noises that have you wondering what’s living down there?

Sure, a movie monster sounds really scary, but it’s a sewer backup that should really scare you!

If your sewer pipes have already been broken, it’s possible you do have rodents or other small creatures making their home there. If you hear what sounds like little feet? It might be little feet. Give us a call immediately to check things out!

All of Your Fixtures Seem to be Connected

All of your home’s plumbing is linked. However, when everything is functioning correctly, using one fixture shouldn’t impact another. When the sewage line becomes backed up, though, water can’t drain. As a result, using one fixture may cause water to flow into the drain of another fixture.

You need to call a plumber immediately if this starts happening. A sewer backup could happen at any time.

If you notice any of the indications of a sewer backup, it’s time to call a plumber. It’s a lot more expensive and much messier to handle backups after they happen!

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