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What Causes a Clogged Drain

What Causes a Clogged Drain

Drains get clogged for all kinds of reasons. Whatever the reason, it’s annoying when they do.

When the time comes for you to get your own place, one of the first things you should buy is a plunger. This is not something you want to buy in the middle of the night. Buy it before you need it and you’ll thank yourself many times over.

What makes a toilet clog? What makes any drain clog? There are so many answers to that; there’s no way we can list them all. Instead, we’ll look at the most obvious reasons drains get clogged and we’ll figure out when you should tackle clog on your own and when you should call a plumber. You’ll save money and labor!

Why Does a Drain Get Clogged?

Careful Flushing Can Keep Drains Clear

Humans are to blame for most drain clogs. We simply put things down our drains and into the pipes that do not belong there. These include:

  • Fats, oils, and grease – this is why restaurants have grease traps
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Dental floss – you don’t really throw this in your toilet, right?
  • Flushable wipes – these are NOT flushable
  • Food – food goes in the trashcan or garbage disposal

Water, waste from humans, and leftovers from cleaning products can go down the drain. Everything else needs to be disposed of in a different way. Non-flushable materials can get stuck together as they try to go down the pipes. This can lead to some serious clogs. You just don’t want this.

Clogs Will Happen

Hair will inevitably end up in the sink or drain when you take a shower or shave. There are several methods to minimize the amount of hair that reaches your pipes, from using hair catchers to combing your hair before you bathe. Some hair, on the other hand, will definitely find its way into your plumbing.

Hair can become trapped in soap scum and clog pipes. Mineral deposits build up as well. These are factors that may be reduced, but not entirely avoided. You’ll almost certainly have a blockage at some time. 

Other Issues Out of Your Control

Other problems are going to happen as well. Over time, your sewer line will deteriorate and eventually dissolve; pipe, earth, rocks, and other objects can clog your entire system. This is not your fault, but it is something you will have to find a professional to deal with.

Sometimes a big source of your sewer problems is also a source of beauty. Tree roots cause many drain clogs by growing into your sewer line. Once that happens, you will have zero drainage in your home.

When your sewage blockage won’t budge, when a clog keeps recurring, or if all of your home’s drains are blocked, it’s time to call a professional. These are all indicators of larger system problems that you won’t be able to solve on your own.

Need a plumber in Greenville? Give us a call. We offer drain cleaning in Greenville – we’ll find the source of those clogged drains, get rid of them, and show you how to keep from having clogs in the future.

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